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What others say about us

Thanks to you and Andy for such a really good job. I’ve had a few websites produced for my businesses in the past, but you both have been the most attentive, obliging and professional company to work with of all of them. In consequence I would have no hesitation in recommending you.

Chris - Owner of Villa Ocaso Mallorca Spain

The whole process from start to finish on this project has been professionally handled by you both resulting in a website that has far exceeded our initial expectations. Your eye for design and detail Alison, together with Andy’s technical prowess are a great combination.

Jess & Shane - Owners of Spanish Detours Riogordo Spain

Andrew Makin came on to support our ACE application in the beginning of the year and has been absolutely phenomenal, first picking up and understanding the Special Bids Business Process this application supports, and then working with other IBM application developer's to enable our new application, ACE2, to have the ability to inherit data and create work queue's for those responsible for action.

John Kishman - World-wide IT Co-ordinator, ACE & GPS Application Owner - IBM Corporation Bethesda Bethesda USA

Account Co-ordination Environment/Global Priority Supply Project (a.k.a ACE/GPS)

… outstanding! Thank you and well done.

John Shovelin - Information Systems Manager - IBM UK Limited Greenock Greenock UK

SAP/PCPI Fulfilment Project

… excellent job, well done. Great feedback. Thanks for all the hard work to overcome initial difficulties and then driving to completion.

Chris Cromack - Greenock IT Solutions Manager, Business Information Executive, IBM UK Limited Greenock UK

Quantum23 are very knowledgeable about how the Real Estate industry works in Spain. My sales have improved dramatically and my website was definitely worth the investment.

Kim Khan - Owner of Oakmont Estates Marbella Spain

Thanks for all the hard work, I really appreciate the way that you've been supporting us during 1997. I know that you've been working on multiple systems which has not exactly made life easy!!

Chris Cromack - Customer Relationship Systems Manager - IBM UK Limited Greenock Greenock UK

A few minor problems had to be overcome on the day of installation; however, all in all, it was probably one of the best implementations to date.

For analytical and development work performed on this global application, PCPI Partner Info Fulfillment, Andrew received an IBM Special Contribution Award.

Rod Brown - SAP Deployment Manager - IBM Corporation Bethesda Bethesda USA

The QRES platform fits our needs perfectly. We had a Wordpress website previously but it didn't work properly and didn't do what we wanted it to. Quantum23 were recommended to us by Resales Online and they haven't failed to deliver. We now have a website that does exactly what we want it to do and it works.

Geoff Bloom - Owner of La Cala Guide La Cala Spain

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