Pay Per Click Advertising – What’s It All About?

Google Adwords, Paid Search, Search Engine Marketing – these are probably all familiar terms to any business with an online presence these days, and basically all refer to what is generally known as Pay Per Click advertising (PPC). But unless you’ve already taken the plunge, you may be wondering – what’s it all about?

Put simply, PPC is a form of online marketing which places adverts on search results pages (such as or on other websites which have made space available for adverts, and which the advertiser only pays for when someone actually clicks on the advert.

Why should I use PPC?

Whilst PPC should not take the place of SEO, which helps determine where your website appears in organic search results, many businesses find that a combination of the two can be advantageous. SEO can take time to produce results, whereas PPC is almost instantaneous, so for any business with a new or poorly ranking website, it can be a big help in boosting brand awareness and generating immediate traffic. A well structured campaign can ensure that potential clients searching for your products or services will see your ad on the first page of results they arrive at. For businesses wishing to generate leads, highly targeted PPC ads leading to specially designed landing pages can prove extremely effective and profitable.

Another compelling reason to use PPC is that your competitors are probably doing it! And although like most people you probably think nobody clicks on ads, the fact is that Google makes almost all of its billions of dollars from advertising – so somebody is clicking on those ads! Sometimes this may be because they don’t realize it’s an ad, but much of the time it will be because a properly written and targeted ad will catch the users’ attention or simply be the most relevant result for their search enquiry.

One of the great things about using PPC marketing is that the results are highly measurable. The statistics produced by your campaigns can help determine what works best for you, enabling you to optimize campaigns further to produce the best possible results and Return on Investment (ROI).

Sounds complicated!

There are many options available to advertisers, which may seem somewhat bewildering to those new to PPC. For example, advertisers can choose to target specific geographic areas or demographic groups only. Optimising campaigns is an ongoing data-based process. Unfortunately, few people these days have the time (or inclination!) to spend delving into the more detailed and complex settings of platforms such as Google’s Adwords. Furthermore, it is easy to make mistakes when starting out that can result in poorly structured campaigns with ineffective targeting, resulting in unproductive clicks and costs.

Employing the services of an experienced certified professional internet marketing company like Quantum23 can save you time and ultimately money by creating and managing well organized and highly targeted PPC marketing campaigns, and use their wealth of experience in this ever-changing field to help you achieve the best possible return on your investment.

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