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One of our clients recently explained to us how they wrote all their own SEO meta tags in the admin of their Real Estate website.  With their website in 2 languages, they wrote their SEO title, SEO keyword and SEO description, then put each through a character counter to get the recommended number of characters.  Multiply the SEO title, SEO keyword and SEO description by the number of properties on their website and you can see how this had become a laborious job for.  How useful would it be to have a SEO Meta Character Count?

What is a title tag?

Properly written title tags are arguably the most important on-page SEO factor to address on web pages.  They define the title of a document and give users a quick insight into the content of the web page and how it might be relevant to their query.

What is a meta description?

After the title tag, meta description tag is another factor to get the most out of the search engine result pages (SERPs) and is the text that appears under a title when you do a search in Google.  Improving your meta descriptions encourage your readers to click on your site, which has added benefit of improving your ranking signal.

There is no hard and fast rule yet on an exact character cutoff as Google likes to test these things.  Currently Google will truncate your title after 55 characters, however, they will index more characters (up to 85 is a safe bet).  Meta descriptions can be any length, but search engines generally truncate snippets longer than 160 characters so it is best to keep meta descriptions between 150 and 160 characters, preferably split into two equal length sentences.

What is the SEO Meta Character Count?

We have now implemented an SEO Meta Character Count for Real Estate listings and CMS content as an indication of the optimum number of characters for SEO meta data.  You can type beyond the countdown as it is only a guide, but with something so simple, you can optimise your own time whilst optimising your listings.  We have also taken into account how the character count differs between languages, so each language tab displays the optimal number of Meta characters for the given language.

Quantum Real Estate Software is as flexible as you need it to be, so if you have a feature you’d like adding, talk to us!

You spoke and we listened. 

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