Resales Online XML Feed Filtering

As Resales Online move away from XML feeds towards WebKit, it has left many of our XML clients wondering how they can manage the properties that appear on their website.  Clients who currently have Resales Online XML feed filtering could set parameters on the XML feeds including locations, property types and price bands.  Resales Online are no longer filtering feeds so their client who have parameters set now have two options for managing the data delivered on their feeds.

What is feed filtering?

Agents may not want to feature all 30,000 Resales Online listings on their website.  There are currently approximately 174 locations on the Costa del Sol from Vélez Málaga to Sotogrande which is a vast area for any agent to cover.  Our most successful clients/agents focus on a small area, know that area inside out which allows them to offer the right information for clients searching for property in their focus area.  Those agents might only want 20 locations on their XML feeds.  Some of our agents in the ‘prestigious property and luxury living’ marketplace often don’t display properties under 1 million euros and these filtered requirements has in the past been done by Resales Online.

As of February, Resales Online no longer offer the options to filter XML feeds, but they will honour the filters already applied to existing feeds.  If you want have a Resales Online XML feed and want any changes made to your feeds, eg adding/removing locations, updating price parameters or adding/removing property types, in short, you can’t which leaves you with one of two options:

  • The XML feeds remain unchanged
  • All filtering is removed so you will receive all data on your feed – every property type, every price band and every location.

From April 2016, Quantum23 will be taking over the filtering of all our existing client XML feeds.  If you do not need to change the filters on your feeds, Resales Online will honour the existing configurations.

For new Quantum23 customers, this option will be available on both Standard and Pro packages by April 2016.

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