Remarketing With PPC

Ever wondered why a certain ad seems to be following you around on the web? It’s no coincidence!

Remarketing (sometimes also referred to as re-targeting) with Pay Per Click advertising is a powerful tool that you, the advertiser, can use to directly target a list of people who have previously visited your website, either by finding it directly (organic search, referrals etc.) or by previously clicking on one of your ads. This is achieved by placing a piece of code on your website or landing page which adds a tracking cookie to the users’ browser. The ads in a remarketing campaign will then be displayed exclusively to the people on that list of visitors. (No personal or identifying information about users is collected)

This can be a highly effective marketing strategy, for the simple reason that the people on that list have already expressed an interest in your product or services (by clicking on an ad or visiting your site) and are therefore statistically more likely to re-visit your site and ultimately convert to being a customer. It can also be a very useful technique for reinforcing brand awareness, especially in conjunction with visually prominent banner ads.

Remarketing, in a nutshell, is one of the best ways to reach out to those potential customers who haven’t yet taken the next step to becoming actual paying clients. Isn’t time your ads started following them around?
Although many advertisers are unaware of, or simply neglect to take advantage of the opportunities presented by remarketing with PPC, Quantum23 have vast experience in this area, and many clients have found that a well structured and managed campaign can be very effective in achieving their overall marketing goals.

Find out more about Pay Per Click Advertising and how we can generate more Real Estate leads for your business.

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