QRES V34 (1st May 2015)

New Features

New Listing Fields (administration)
By user request and required by law, we have added some additional fields to the listing maintenance page.

  • Floors: Number of floors in the property listing
  • Year Built: Year of listing contruction
  • Commission: Total commission for the listing sale
  • Occupancy: For rental properties, the maximum occupancy
  • Disabled Friendly: Is the listing friendly for disabled people
  • Pet Friendly: Is the listing pet friendly
  • Measurement Units: These can now be defined in square meters and square feet (aimed at American listings), specially useful as we now allow for international properties to be listed, not just European.

Email Alerts (administration)
An email is now sent to the user when their administration login password is changed.

Featured Listing View (administration)
The administration now has a view of listings that are only marked as featured.  There is a separate view for each sales type, i.e. sales, long term rent and short term rent.

Portfolio (favourite) Listings
On the website front-end we have finally implemented a visitor ‘save to favorites’ functionality.  This feature has been much requested, but we took a step back and have found the what we, our client and the visitors think is the best solution.

Our method is different to almost all other ‘save to favourites’ in that visitors can save listings without having to create an account.  Once the visitor has save listing, they can then select them and forward them to the site owner for more details.

This method has two main advantages, the visitor does not have to surrender a ‘valid’ email address before they are ready to talk to the website owner and secondly, all emails that are sent to the website owner are higher quality, in that they are more pre-qualified.

Listing Compare
Built into the Portfolio (favourite) Listings functionality is a little feature that allows the visitor to rearrange the listings, so direct and easy comparison can be made between multiple lisings.

POA and From Pricing Options
Two new options have been added to the pricing tab, ‘Price on Application’, where the actual price of the listing is not displayed and pricing ‘From’ where the price on the website is prefixed with the word ‘from’ indicating there is a minimum price.

Featured Listing Searches
Searches based on ‘featured’ listings can now be further refined by location, sales type and property group (apartment, house, commercial, plot, etc.).

Category Listing Searches
Searches based on listings being a member of a special category can now be further refined by location, sales type and property group (apartment, house, commercial, plot, etc.).

Request a Callback Form
Another frequent request has been implemented, so the visitor can now request a call back from the website owner.

Property Alert Form
Another simple but highly used from is now available in QRES, where the visitor can select the ‘basic’ property parameters they are searching for and forward them to the website owner, who can then contact the visitor back with suitable listings.

Updated Features

Administration Listing Image Upload
On some of the less frequently used browsers there were some issues with uploading images to the listing detail form.  These have now been resolved, but we still only support Chrome, Firefox and IE.

XML Sitemaps
We have made some very minor changes to the XML sitemaps based on feedback from Google and Bing.

Emissions Display
The emissions display is now both graphical and textual.

Telephone Number (size increase)
A number of clients are not only using the vendor telephone fields for just telephone numbers, but are applying small notes in there as well – such as ‘spanish number’.  Whilst this is not strictly the best use for the fields, we do appreciate the real world usage and have increated the field set to accommodate this.

The difference between parking space, garage and parking features such as ‘more than one’ have been unified to allow a better display on the website.

Feature(s) Save (administration)
The way features are being saved has been updated to allow for new functionality in the future, this should have no visible or functional effect to the website visitor or the administration panel users.

Recently Viewed Listings
With an eye on future developments which have update the ‘recently viewed listing’ functionally.

QRES V33 (1st Feb 2015)

New Features

Recently Viewed Property:
Displayed on the listing page, up to 6 properties most recently viewed are saved.

Similar Listings:
Displayed on the listing page, up to 6 similar listings are saved.

Weather Widget
For those sites that use our weather widget to display the current and forecast weather conditions, this widget has been updated to reflect a new and modern ‘look & feel’.

Split Out Rentals
Long Term and Short Term rentals have now been ‘split out’ so that Long Term and Short Term rentals can now be independantly active and featured.

Property Location Information
The physical address, latitude & longitude, directions and distance to local amenitities can now be logged against a property listing.
The ‘sensitive’ information is restricted and NOT displayed on the website.

Vendor Details
Detailed vendor contact details is now held against and individual listing, but not displayed on the website.

Tenant Details
Contact details for any tenants can be stored against the listing.

Site Map (for Content)
The XML Sitemap creation functionality has been updated to reflect not only the property listings, but also the sites content.
This is also created for all the supported languages.

User Defined Fields
As we can not predict all the fields that a client requires, we have included a small number of ‘user defined’ fields which can hold whatever information you required.

Rental Deposit
For rentals a ‘deposit’ field is included to which indecates the minimum deposit required to secure a rental (long or short).

Rental Availability Date
Mainly for Long Term rentals an availability date field is included, so you can see easily when the listing will be available.

Rental Terms & Conditions
A description field for any Terms & Conditions for that apply to the listing.

Rental Key Information
Location and contact details for the keys to the listings

Available Now Switch
If a rental listing is currently available (se availability date) then this switch can optionally be set and displayed on the website against the listing.

Pre Book Switch
For listings that are ‘close’ to becoming available, a Pre Book switch can be set and optionally displayed on the website against the listing.

Updated Features

Fixed a minor error which occassionally effected the last page of the search results on the website.

QRES V31 (1st Jan 2015)

New Features

Dashboard Listing Milestones:
The main dashboard now displays the applications health, the number of listings available and now many are featured.

Website, Database and MLS Feed Monitoring:
The website, database and MLS feeds are monitored around the clock, any down situation is automatically reported and logged.

Agency Cards:
Up to four inbound feeds can now be described via an agency card, which also provides information on last run.

Independent Featured Sales & Rentals Listing:
Previously, if a listing was both a sales and rental listing and it was made featured, it was featured as both a Sales and Rental. Now a listing can be a featured sales or featured rental or both.

Independent Active Sales & Rentals Listing:
Previously, if a listing was both a sales and rental listing and it was made active, it was active as both a Sales and Rental. Now a listing can be a active sales or active rental or both.

Content Management System (CMS):
The CMS has been completely rewritten with new formatting features

Content Management System Image Uploader:
A completely new image uploader is available within the CMS.

Administration Responsive Design:
The administration panel has been completely rewritten for greater performance, but also to allow it to be used on SmartPhones and Tablets.

Administration Dashboard:
The amount of information displayed on the dashboard has been reduced and made more readable via use of graphical indicators.

Multilingual Testimonials:
The testimonials are now now multilingual.

Search Engine Ping:
Updating the creation of our XML sitemaps for search engines has allowed us also to include a Search Engine Ping, so we don’t have to wait for the site to be crawled, we automatically tell the search engine when a new sitemap is available.

System Health Indicator:
By filtering a number automatic functions of the application, we can now give the user a graphical indication of how the system is performing.

Newsletter Sign-up Form:
Back by popular demand is the Newsletter Sign-up form.

Updated Features

The introduction of the new database schema in v30 has allowed us update, provide performance increases and improve the general scalability of the following functions:

  • Google Analytics Code
  • Google Tracking Code
  • Kyero 3 Feed Import
  • Kyero 3 Feed Export
  • RSS2 Export
  • XML Sitemaps
  • RSO Feed Import

Depreciated Features

Due mainly to lack of support and usage the following functions have been depreciated:

  • Kyero 2 Import
  • Kyero 2 Export
  • RSS1 Export
  • ATOM Export


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QRES V30 (1st Dec 2014)

New Features

New Database Schema

The database schema has been completely overhaul to provide increase performance, more flexible searching, better use of translations and greater flexibility of image storage and sorting.

New Listing Management System

The listing management system has been rewritten to provide greater flexibility via use of the new database schema, especially with translations and images,

New Translation System

The translation system has been recoded from the ground up to take advantage of the new database schema.

New Administration System

The administration interface is now responsive, so the website and in particular the listings can now be managed from a tablet or smartphone.

Want to see QRES in action?

View QRES basic incorporating a Resales Online MLS XML feed


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  • Andrew Makin came on to support our ACE application in the beginning of the year and has been absolutely phenomenal, first picking up and understanding the Special Bids Business Process this application supports, and then working with other IBM application developer's to enable our new application, ACE2, to have the ability to inherit data and create work queue's for those responsible for action.

    John Kishman World-wide IT Co-ordinator, ACE & GPS Application Owner - IBM Corporation Bethesda
  • Thanks for all the hard work, I really appreciate the way that you've been supporting us during 1997. I know that you've been working on multiple systems which has not exactly made life easy!!

    Chris Cromack Customer Relationship Systems Manager - IBM UK Limited Greenock
  • Account Co-ordination Environment/Global Priority Supply Project (a.k.a ACE/GPS)
    … outstanding! Thank you and well done.

    John Shovelin Information Systems Manager - IBM UK Limited Greenock
  • A few minor problems had to be overcome on the day of installation; however, all in all, it was probably one of the best implementations to date.

    For analytical and development work performed on this global application, PCPI Partner Info Fulfillment, Andrew received an IBM Special Contribution Award.

    Rod Brown SAP Deployment Manager - IBM Corporation Bethesda
  • The whole process from start to finish on this project has been professionally handled by you both resulting in a website that has far exceeded our initial expectations. Your eye for design and detail Alison, together with Andy’s technical prowess are a great combination.

    Jess & Shane Owners
  • Thanks to you and Andy for such a really good job. I’ve had a few websites produced for my businesses in the past, but you both have been the most attentive, obliging and professional company to work with of all of them. In consequence I would have no hesitation in recommending you.

    Chris Owner of Villa Ocaso
  • SAP/PCPI Fulfilment Project
    … excellent job, well done. Great feedback. Thanks for all the hard work to overcome initial difficulties and then driving to completion.

    Chris Cromack Greenock IT Solutions Manager, Business Information Executive, IBM UK Limited

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